1. Assistant Professor, Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Dept of Music, Stanford Univ
  2. Scientific Associate, Rotman Research Institute, affiliated with Centre for Stroke Recovery funded by Heart and Stroke Foundation, leading research projects regarding multimodal brain plasticity and music-supported stroke therapies.
  3. One of leading investigators of neurophysiological research regarding music perception and plasticity effects of musical training using human magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalogram (EEG).



  1. CIHR Operating Grant “Oscillatory networks for rhythmic timing in auditory and motor regions: Interaction, development and plasticity” Trainor L, Fujioka T, Hall G & Roberts L. $789,839 CAD in total for 5 years from 2011-16.


  1. Med-El Hearing Solutions (MHS) Research Grants for the Basic Sciences in Hearing. “Age-related Changes in the Effects of Stimulation Rates on Cortical Processing and Speech Recognition in Cochlear Implant (CI) Listeners”. Friesen L, Fujioka T, Lin V & Shipp D. EUR 200,000 in total for 2 years from 2011-12.


  1. The Ontario Trillium Foundation, “Baycrest Living Through Arts for the seniors” partnership with Royal Conservatory of Music and Baycrest. Tafler M, Anderson N, Fujioka T, Kontos P, Patterson A. $216,250 CAD 2010-12.


  1. CIHR fellowship “Musical memory and temporal processing: effects of musical training and aging” Fujioka, T. $135,000 CAD. 2004-7.


  1. The Sound Technology Promotion Foundation (Tokyo, Japan) Operating research grant “Development of auditory cortex and musical training effect” Fujioka & Kakigi. $8,400 CAD. 2004-5.




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