• Assistant Professor at the Brain and Mind Institute as well as Department of Psychology at Western University, Canada.
  • PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience of Music, BA/BMus double degree in Neuroscience and Piano Performance.



  • Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, Early Researcher Reward, 2012-2016. Brain mechanisms for musical rhythm processing ($190,000, Peer-reviewed Trainee Grant), Principal Investigator)
  • P. Bickell Foundation for Medical Research, 2012-2014, ($65,000, Peer-Reviewed Operating Grant), Principal Investigator
  • Grammy Foundation, 2012-2014. Brain responses to musical rhythm in human and non-human animals ($19,500, Peer-Reviewed Operating Grant, Principal Investigator)
  • Leaders Opportunity Fund, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, 2012-2017. Laboratory for neuroscience and musical rhythm investigation. ($280,000, Peer-Reviewed Infrastructure Grant, Principal Investigator)
  • Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council, Discovery Grant, 2011-2016. Individual differences and auditory-motor interactions in rhythm perception. ($120,000, Peer-Reviewed Operating Grant, Principal Investigator)
  • K. MacDonald Fund for Parkinson’s Research, 2011-2020. ($100,000, Operating Grant, Principal Investigator)



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