• Professor, Department of Health, Aging, & Society, McMaster University
  • Graduate Chair, Department of Health, Aging, & Society


 2004-2009 The career decisions of newly qualified nurses: A comparison of six programs in Canada. $345 000 (principal investigator) of which: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) contributed $95 712; Health Canada $49 808; Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care $99 740 and CHSRF Nursing Research Fund $99 740. With co-pi Edith Hillan and co-i L McGillis Hall, L O’Brien Pallas, L Beagrie, C Eifert, S Mathews, E Ruckholm and L Hayes

2002–2003 First destination studies: An investigation of the factors influencing the locational career choices of nurses. UK National Health Service (West London Workforce Development Confederation) $270 545 (principal investigator) with co-i’s J Smart and D Brodie


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