News (2014)

Inside the World’s Great Questions: The Power of Research Networks

The 2014 Research Report from the Office of the Vice President, Research & Innovation featured MaHRC as one of ten exemplary research networks.

Tasty Coloured Sounds: The Experiences of Synaesthetes
Dr. Julia Simner, Neuropsychologist, Director of Synesthesia and Sensory Integration lab at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Talk at Faculty of Music, MaHRC, with support from OCAD University, The Colour Research Society of Canada, and the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development.

See talk at:

International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM) Conference 2014

On June 24, CBC Morning Toronto interviewed Dr. Jane Edwards, President of the International Association for Music & Medicine (IAMM) on The Healing Power of Music. Jane Edwards is a Member of the International Advisory Council of MaHRC. IAMM conference met at the Faculty of Music hosted by MaHRC on June 24 – 27, 2014. To listen to the broadcast, visit: