• Professor, Geography, Queen’s University
  • Professor, Community Health and Epidemiology, Queen’s University
  • Canada Research Chair, Development Studies, Queen’s University




In the field of ageing and population studies, Prof. Rosenberg has been engaged in a series of studies examining changing demographic, socio-economic, and geographic characteristics of various groups within the Canadian population. These studies have included research on the older population, the demographic profiles of Ontario’s disabled population and the characteristics of their everyday lives, where immigrants go once they arrive in Canada, and various aspects of the health and access to services among older Aboriginal Peoples. Much of this research was funded by a ten year program of research on Canada’s ageing population as part of a broader program of research entitled the Social and Economic Dimensions of an Aging Population (SEDAP I – 2000 to 2004 and SEDAP II 2005  to 2009) ( funded by the SSHRC.

Current research is on the geographies of opportunity among younger and older Aboriginal people across Canada, various aspects of health and health care among the rural older population, and the links among social deprivation, health, health care, and aging in both Canada and in China.



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