• Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto


  • 2007-2009, Connaught, New Staff Matching, PI: You, A novel microfluidics system for bone cell echanotransduction study, $30,000
  • 2007, CFI/ORF, Leaders Opportunity Fund, PI: You, Laboratory for cellular and molecular biomechanics, $200,000
  • 2013-2014, NSERC, Discovery Grant, PI: You, Microengineered platform for bone cell mechanobioligy study, $23,000
  • 2010-2015, Ontario/MRI, Early Research Award (training), PI: You, Rational study of Bone Cell Mechanobiology Study on a Chip, $150,000
  • 2013-2016, CIHR, CHRP, PI: You, Co-PI: J. Wang, Bone cell metabolism and functional study under a microfluidics based in vivo like environment, $194,000


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