• Associate Professor, Dept of Psychology, Ryerson University
  • Director, Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology Lab, a leading research group (of 15+ members) investigating questions at the intersection of music, mind and technology.
  • Internationally recognized expert on multimodal aspects of music and vocal-emotional communication.
  • Early Career Awards, Ministry of Research and Innovation; Canadian Society for Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science.



  • Advancement of a software application suite for music analysis and generation informed by music cognition research. Russo, F. A. (PI); NSERC (CRD), $194,666 (2012-14).
  • A novel singing therapy to improve communication of facial and vocal emotion. Russo, F. A. (PI), van Lieshout, P. & Wong, W.; Parkinson’s Canada, $45,000 (2012-13).
  • Joint roles of movement and simulation in vocal-emotional communication. Russo, F. A. (PI); NSERC (Discovery), $235,000 (2012-17).
  • Enhancing perception of music in deaf and hard of hearing populations. Russo, F. A. (PI); Ministry of Research and Innovation, $150,000 (2011-16).
  • Improving musical mood induction. Russo, F. A. (PI); SSHRC (Insight), $74,920 (2011-13).
  • Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing. Cohen, A. (PI), Russo, F. A. (CI), & 25 others (CI’s); SSHRC (MCRI), $2,498,500 (2009-16).




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