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MaHRC is an inter-disciplinary collaborative research center in the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto. MaHRC conducts basic and translational (clinical) research dedicated to  applications of music in the health sciences.  For this purpose MaHRC builds research teams  from disciplines such as music, aesthetics, neuroscience, medicine, rehabilitation sciences, psychology, engineering, education, and other related fields.   MaHRC was established in 2012 and is continuing to formalize affiliations, appoint members, and activate research projects.



The vision of MaHRC is aligned with the Strategic Research Plan of the University of Toronto – in particular with point  (1): Promote Healthy People, Healthy Communities, and a Healthy World through music, and  point (2) Engage: Minds, Culture, and Values. MaHRC’s vision is to contribute with interdisciplinary research to new knowledge on  music’s role to strengthen the achievement of these goals.

A second vision of MaHRC is to become an international platform for building networks of inter-disciplinary research teams through collaborations, conferences, colloquia, workshops, media, and other forms of knowledge exchange.

A third vision of MaHRC is to become an international platform for the transmisson and dissemination of research outcomes to clinicians, practitioners, teachers, and the public to benefit clinical practice and people’s health.

2016 Review of the State of MaHRC

To view the program created for the Welcome to the new Director, Dr. Michael Thaut, that also serves as an annual report on the state of MaHRC, click on the link below:

PROG-MaHRC January 26 (1)