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Using the Brain to Retrain the Body.

On March 7, The Globe and Mail published an article entitled, “Using the Brain to Retrain the Body to Overcome Dystonia.” It recounts the story of Federico Bitti who suffers from dystonia, a disease that affects a person’s ability to control their muscles. He is being treated by Dr. Joaquin Farias, MaHRC Associate,  with a new therapy involving neuroplasticity, and specific exercises to retrain the brain.

Inside the World’s Great Questions: The Power of Research Networks

The 2014 Research Report from the Office of the Vice President, Research & Innovation featured MaHRC as one of ten exemplary research networks. To see the brochure website please visit:

Perfect Harmony
A feature story in the summer issue of UofT Magazine is available online. Please read about our developments and the research of MaHRC Associates Takako Fujioka, Bernhard Ross, Heidi Ahonen, Quincy Almeida, Larry Picard, and Lee Bartel.

Good Vibrations
The University of Toronto eBulletin ran a story on May 7 focusing on the research of MaHRC Associates, Quincy Almeida and Heidi Ahonen from Laurier University. Currently Heidi Ahonen, Dr. Lili Naghdi and Lee Bartel have a study underway examining vibroacoustic therapy with fibromyalgia. Please click the following link to see the eBulletin article.

Tapping Music’s Power
On February 19, 2012 the Globe & Mail ran an article featuring Amy Clements-Cortes, Takako Fujioka, and Jessica Grahn. It also mentioned the development of MaHRC.

Music Can Enhance Your Health
On December 21, Paul Taylor, Health reporter for the Globe & Mail mentioned plans for the MaHRC in an article:

The Healing Power of Music
On December 16, 2011, the Toronto Star carried a story by Andrea Gordon that described the creation of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory as well as the proposed research of the Connaught Global Challenge application.