Current Research Projects 2019/2020

Bold = MaHRC Lead Investigator
* = Collaborative Unit
[MS] = Master’s Student
[DS] = Doctoral Student
[PF] = Postdoctoral Fellow

1. Neurochemical Mechanisms Underlying Rhythmic Auditory-Motor Entrainment: Dopaminergic Responses in Healthy Young, Elderly, and Persons with Parkinson’s Disease

Yuko Koshimori, PhD, [PF]; *Antonio Strafella, MD; *Sylvain Houle, MD

*Neuroimaging Division, Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

2a. Music-Based Intervention for Executive and Attention Training in Major Depressive Disorder
2b. Can Musical Pleasure Responses Detect Early Anhedonia Onset as Suicidal Risk Indicator

Corene Hurt-Thaut, PhD; *Sidney Kennedy, PhD; *Sakina Rizvi, PhD; *Susan Rotzinger, PhD; Anna Karpazis, MA, [DS]

*Canadian Biomarker Integration Network in Depression (CAN-BIND)

3. Neural Basis of Musical Memory Formation in Alzheimer’s Disease 

Veronica Vuong, MA; Michael Thaut, PhD; *Corinne Fischer, MD; *Luis Fornazzari, MD; *Tom Schweizer, PhD; *Nathan Churchill, PhD

*Keenan Research Center for Biomedical Science, St. Michael’s Hospital

4. Music Modulates Muscle Activity and Bruxism in Temporomandibular Disorder

Veronica Vuong, MA; *Iacopo Cioffi, DDS, PhD

*Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto

5. Modulating Functional Connectivity of the Cerebellum in Musician Dystonia

Michael Thaut, PhD; *Robert Chen, MD

*Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital

6. Prevalence of BDNF Polymorphism in Musicians

Tara Henechowicz, MA, [DS]; *Liz Li, PhD

*Centre for Applied Genomics, Sick Kids Hospital

7. Influencing Oral-Nasal Balance in Speech and Song in Typical and Hypernasal Speakers

Charlene Santoni, MMUS, [DS]; **Tim Bressmann, PhD; *Lorna MacDonald, MM

*Department of Voice Pedagogy, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto
**Department of Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto

8. Therapeutic Instrumental Music Playing in Upper Extremity Stroke Rehabilitation

Catherine Haire MA, [DS], *Luc Tremblay, PhD; **Kara Patterson, PhD; *Joyce Chen, PhD; Shannon Duane, MA; Veronica Vuong, MA; Nicole Richard, MA, [DS]; Bing Li, MM, [DS]; Louise Ho, MA

*Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto
**Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

9. EEG-Based Brain Synchronization in Children with Neurodevelopmental Delays, Parent, and Therapist Triads

Kyu Rim Kang, MM, [DS]; *Tom Chau, PhD; Chantelle Whiteside, MA, [DS]

*Holland Bloorview Kids Hospital

10. Auditory Perception Training in Cochlear Implant Carriers

Anna Karpazis, MM, [DS]; *Andrew Dimitrijevic, PhD; *Emily Graber, PhD Nicole Richard, MA, [DS]; Stephanie Lavigne MA, [DS]; Chantelle Whiteside, MA, [DS]; Louise Ho, MA

*Cochlear Implant Research Program, Sunnybrook Hospital

11. Multisensory Time Cuing of Sequential Reaching Movements at Different Amplitudes

Anna Karpazis, MM, [DS]; *Luc Tremblay, PhD; Tristan Loria, PhD, [PF]

*Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education, University of Toronto

12. Rhythmic Priming of Speech Comprehension in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease

Kyu Rim Kang, MM, [DS]; Stephanie Lavigne, MA, [DS]; *Yune Lee, PhD;

*Department of Speech and Hearing Science, Ohio State University

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13. Rhythmic Cuing of Oral Dynamics for Speech intelligibility in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease

Corene Hurt-Thaut, PhD; *Pascal van Lieshout, PhD; Chantelle Whiteside, MA, [DS]; Nicole Richard, MA, [DS]

*Department of Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto             

14. Therapeutic Instrumental Music Playing Enhances Auditory-Motor Brain Network Connectivity: MEG

Michael Thaut, PhD; *Isabelle Buard, PhD; *Benzi Kluger, MD

*Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado

15. Kinematic Optimization Strategies in Music Performance Training and Motor Recovery

*Michael Thaut, PhD; *Aiyun Huang, DMA; *Eliot Britton, PhD; Tristan Loria, PhD, [PF]

*Centre for the Study of Brain, Performance, and Creation in Music, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

16. Neural Basis of Pre-Dominant Priming in Musical Cadence Perception

*Daphne Tan, PhD; Michael Thaut, PhD

*Department of Theory, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

17. Absolute Pitch Perception and Production Across Aging and as a Potential Biomarker for Early Cognitive Dysfunction

Veronica Vuong, MA; Michael Thaut, PhD; Kimberly Albanowski, BA, BS, [MS]; *Vivek Sharma, PhD

*Sick Kids Hospital

18. Measuring Motor Responses to Rhythmic Stimuli During Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in Parkinson’s Disease

Michael Thaut, PhD; Veronica Vuong, MA; Vivek Sharma, PhD; *Utpal Saha, BEng; *Robert Chen, MD

*Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital

19. Relationship Between Cognitive and Motor Recovery at 2- and 12-Months Post-Injury in Traumatic Brain Injury

Veronica Vuong, MA; Michael Thaut, PhD; *Kara Patterson, PhD; *Conor Sheridan, MSc; Lauren Cole, MA, [MS], Tara Henechowicz, MA, [DS]

*Toronto Rehabilitation Institute